About ICFE 2023

The 5th International Conference on Flexible Electronics

Flexible electronic technology is one of important developing direction as well as an interdisciplinary research frontier in the next generation of information technology. With new materials, structures and methods and other cutting-edge breakthroughs, it is impacting our life and shaping the future in the field like the industrial Internet of things, health care and others. The last decade has witnessed fast developments and substantial achievements in the field of flexible electronics technology. In order to forge interactions among active researchers in this area, the Center for Flexible Electronics Technology of Tsinghua University and the Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang are organizing the 5th International Conference on Flexible Electronics (ICFE 2023) in person on Dec. 8-10, 2023 in Hangzhou, China.

Nearly 200 brilliant and inspiring talks are shared by world wide scholars with more than 1000 in-person and 400,000 online participants in the sequence of the International Conference on Flexible Electronics (ICFE).

This conference aims to offer a world’s preeminent forum for reporting methodological and technological breakthroughs in the areas of flexible electronics, including but not limited to organic flexible electronics, flexible displays, flexible integrated circuits, inorganic flexible electronics, stretchable electronics, flexible power sources, bio-mimetic electronics, reconfigurable electronics, transient electronics, bio-integrated electronics, wearable electronics, and soft actuators/robots.

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October 9, 2023

Early registration

December 08, 2023

December 01, 2023

Registration payment

December 01, 2023

Exhibition payment

December 09-10, 2023

Conference Site and time

ICFE 2023



Laboratory of Flexible Electronics Technology, Tsinghua University
Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology of THU, Zhejiang


Qiantang Science and Technology Innovation Center

Organizing Committee

Xue Feng (Chair), Tsinghua University
Yonggang Huang (Chair), Northwestern University
Lian Duan, Tsinghua University
Yi Luo, Tsinghua University
Yang Shen, Tsinghua University
Jizhou Song, Zhejiang University
Yihui Zhang, Tsinghua University
Yinji Ma, Tsinghua University
Heling Wang, Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology of THU, Zhejiang

ICFE 2023


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